Metabolic Syndrome in a Multiethnic Sample of School Children: Implications for the Pediatric Nurse

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There is lack of translational work that may assist the pediatric nurse in identifying the child who is at risk for metabolic syndrome. Early identification of the syndrome could assist pediatric health care providers in intervening and in lowering child health risks. Fasting serum insulin, metabolic syndrome criteria, and dietary intake were examined in a multiethnic sample of children aged 9–15 years. Forty-seven percent had two or more risk factors for metabolic syndrome, and 28% had three or more risk factors. Insulin levels were negatively correlated with the recommended dietary allowance. A regression model, including gender, age, race, body mass index, serum glucose, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, explained 48% of insulin variance.

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