The Association of Health Literacy, Social Support, Self-Efficacy and Interpersonal Interactions With Health Care Providers in Low-Income Latina Mothers

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ObjectiveWe explored relationships between maternal health literacy (HL), communicative self-efficacy (SE), social support (SS) and maternal perception of interactions with health care providers (HCPs).Methods:Using a cross-sectional, correlational design, we assessed sociodemographic characteristics, maternal HL, social support, communicative self-efficacy, and interpersonal interactions with HCPs among 124 low-income Latina mothers of young children.Results:Informal SS significantly predicted maternal SE in interactions. SE predicted maternal perception of a HCP's ability to “elicit and respond to her concerns.”Discussion:Interventions to improve maternal self-efficacy in interacting with HCPs among low health literate Latina mothers may positively impact pediatric health outcomes.

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