Differential immunophenotype of macrophages in acute and chronic chorioamnionitis

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The aim of this study was to investigate the involvement and immunophenotype of macrophages in acute chorioamnionitis (ACA) and chronic chorioamnionitis (CCA), marking amniotic fluid infection and anti-fetal rejection, respectively.


Chorioamniotic membranes from (1) gestational age-matched cases without chorioamnionitis, (2) cases with ACA, and (3) cases with CCA were studied after immunohistochemical staining using antibodies against CD14, CD68, CD163, and DC-SIGN.


Macrophages increased prominently in the chorionic trophoblastic layer of both ACA and CCA cases in contrast to non-inflammatory cases. Macrophages in the decidua and the chorioamniotic membranes of ACA cases expressed CD14. Macrophages in the chorionic trophoblastic layer of CCA cases were characterized by CD68 positivity. DC-SIGN-positive cells were increased in the chorioamniotic mesodermal layer of CCA cases.


Macrophages participate in the inflammatory response in ACA and CCA. The differential immunophenotypes of macrophages in the decidua and chorioamniotic membranes of ACA and CCA cases suggest their disease-specific and region-specific roles at the feto-maternal interface.

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