Multicentric studies of the fetal neurobehavior by KANET test

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Assessment of fetal neurobehavior and detection of neurological impairment prenatally has been a great challenge in perinatal medicine. The evolution of four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound not only enabled a better visualization of fetal anatomy but also allowed the study of fetal behavior in real time. Kurjak Antenatal Neurodevelopmental Test (KANET) was developed for the assessment of fetal neurobehavior and the detection of neurological disorders, based on the assessment of the fetus by application of 4D ultrasound in the same way that a neonate is assessed postnatally. KANET is a method that has been applied for the past 10 years and studies show that it is a strong diagnostic tool and can be introduced into everyday clinical practice. We present all data from studies performed up to now on KANET.

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