Small Volume Enemas Do Not Accelerate Meconium Evacuation in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

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We hypothesized that small volume enemas accelerate meconium evacuation in very low birth weight (VLBW) infants. In a randomized controlled trial, VLBW infants (n = 81) received either repeated daily small volume enemas if complete spontaneous meconium passage failed within 24 h or no intervention. Small volume enemas did not accelerate complete meconium evacuation, which occurred after 6.0 to 9.6 (95% CI) d in the intervention group and after 7.7 to 11.0 (95% CI) d in the control group. No adverse events were observed. Daily administration of small volume enemas had no effect on total meconium evacuation defined by the time of last meconium passage.

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