Spanish and English Language Symposia to Enhance Activation in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Patient activation is an important consideration for improved health outcomes in the management of chronic diseases. Limited English proficiency among patients and primary care providers has been shown to be a predictor for worse health across disease states. We aimed to determine the baseline patient activation measure (PAM) among Spanish-speaking (SP) and English-speaking (ES) pediatric patients with IBD and parents, and to describe the feasibility and efficacy of a novel peer-group education symposium designed to enhance patient activation as measured with the PAM.


Two separate half-day educational symposia in either Spanish or English were presented and moderated by 2 native SP physicians. Content for each of the presentations were highly standardized and interactive, designed to address each of the activation domains (self-management, collaboration with a health care provider, maintenance of function and prevention of disease exacerbation, and appropriate access to high-quality care). Descriptive statistics were used to describe changes between pre- and postsymposium PAM trends.


Eleven primarily SP and 21 ES families participated in their respective symposium. Paired pre- and post-PAM scores were available from 24 pediatric patients with IBD (8 SP, 16 ES) and 41 parents (15 SP, 26 ES). The mean age for SP and ES patients was 11.6 and 12.0 years, and female sex in 80% and 62%, respectively. Paired pre- and post-PAM scores for all participants (n = 65) were analyzed. PAM scores uniformly increased in all 4 groups after the symposia (SP patients 59.1–70.3, P = 0.05; SP parents 69.8–75.2, P = 0.2; ES patients 59.9–64.0, P = 0.08; ES parents 61.9–69.1, P = 0.002), although only the ES-parents group had sufficient sample size (n = 26) to achieve statistical significance. The overall cohort had an aggregate increase from pre-PAM of 62.9 (SD 14.5) to post-PAM of 69.4 (SD 13.9) (<0.001).


We describe a novel peer-group educational symposium presented in Spanish and English languages to increase patient and parent activation in pediatric patients with IBD and their caregiving parents. The use of PAM to assess levels of activation appears to be feasible and effective in these groups.

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