Effect of Cyproheptadine on Weight and Growth Velocity in Children With Silver-Russell Syndrome

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Objectives:Nutritional management of children with Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) is crucial, especially before initiating growth hormone therapy. Since cyproheptadine (CYP) has been reported to be orexigenic, we retrospectively investigated the effects of CYP on changes in weight and height in patients with SRS.Methods:Anthropometric parameters (weight [W], length or height [H], weight on expected weight for height [W/H], and body mass index) were recorded for 34 children with SRS receiving CYP. We specifically analyzed the anthropometric parameters (expressed in median) in a group of 23 patients treated with CYP at baseline (M0-CYP) and every 3 months (M3 to M12-CYP) after the initiation of CYP treatment.Results:The 23 children with SRS treated by CYP only had weight stagnation during the months preceding the start of treatment. Anthropometric parameters, especially the weight, differed significantly between M0-CYP and all other times (M3, M6, M9, M12-CYP). After 1 year of treatment, a gain in overall length/height and weight was observed (W: +1.1 standard deviations from the mean [SDS]; H: +0.5 SDS). At M3, significant improvements in W/H (74.9% vs 79.3% [P = 0.01]) and body mass index (−3.4 vs −2.4 SDS [P = 0.001]) were also observed. Twenty-one patients (91%) improved their weight by at least +0.5 SDS, and 12 (52%) by at least +1 SDS.Conclusions:Our results show that CYP can be effective in patients with SRS with significant improvements in growth velocity and nutritional status before initiation of growth hormone therapy. Further prospective studies are required to confirm these results.

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