Iron Status in Pediatric Celiac Disease: A Retrospective Chart Review

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The present study assessed the role of serum ferritin as a noninvasive biomarker in the diagnosis and monitoring of pediatric celiac disease. A retrospective chart review was performed on patients younger than 18 years old at time of diagnosis (n = 193) between 1998 and 2015. A total of 653 paired values demonstrated a weak negative correlation between serum ferritin and tissue transglutaminase-immunoglobulin A (r = −0.114; P = 0.004), necessitating further evaluation. A significant relationship was found between reduction of tissue transglutaminase-immunoglobulin A and increase in serum ferritin after institution of a gluten-free diet (P < 0.0001), suggesting that resolution of villous damage is necessary for promoting adequate iron absorption.

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