A Novel Splice Site Mutation in ANTXR2 (CMG2) Gene Results in Systemic Hyalinosis

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Systemic hyalinosis is a rare autosomal recessive inheritance disease characterized by accumulation of amorphous, unidentified hyaline material in skin and other organs, which leads to papulonodular skin lesions, gingival hypertrophy, flexion contractures of the joints, and large subcutaneous tumors. It is composed of 2 allelic syndromes, infantile systemic hyalinosis and juvenile hyaline fibromatosis. Here we describe a patient with juvenile hyaline fibromatosis confirmed by clinical and histopathologic findings, and genetic analysis, which revealed a novel homozygous splice site mutation IVS14+1G→T on exon 14 in anthrax toxin receptor 2 gene.

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