Unusual Genetic Aberrations Including a Deletion of KLF6 Tumor Suppressor Gene Revealed by Integrated Cytogenetic Approaches in a Pediatric Ewing Sarcoma

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Ewing sarcoma is the third most common sarcoma in children and young adults. Its characteristic chromosomal rearrangement results in a chimerical EWSR1-ETS transcription factor. Secondary genetic alterations are very common. Membranous expression of CD99 is seen in almost all tumors. We report 2 unusual cytogenetic findings in a pediatric Ewing sarcoma, an insertion of the MIC2 gene encoding CD99 from Xp to 10p and a submicroscopic deletion of the well-known tumor supressor gene KLF6. The latter has not been described previously in pediatric neoplasms. Molecular pathways in tumorigenesis and genetic complexity in cancer are discussed.

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