Clinical Burdens of β-Thalassemia Major in Affected Children

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β-thalassemia major (BTM) is an inherited blood disorder leading to severe anemia. A better understanding of BTM complications can be considered an important factor in developing effective health care provision.


A descriptive exploratory design was used to identify the clinical burden of BTM from affected children's perspective. A convenience sample of 45 patients with BTM, accompanied by a family member, was recruited from a governmental hospital during April–May 2015.


The most reported clinical burden was facial deformity 86.9%, followed by systematic infection (48.8%), growth delay (44.4%), and liver problems (39.9%). Patient age was significantly associated with clinical burdens such as bone pain and facial deformity. The number of blood transfusions received was associated with growth delay and bone pain.


This study highlights the clinical burdens of thalassemia on affected children, in terms of physical appearance, growth delay and other burdens.

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