National Survey on the Management of Wilms Tumor

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This study aims to investigate the management of Wilms tumor by the Egyptian pediatric surgical association (EPSA) consultants. After approval of the EPSA executive board, a questionnaire was distributed individually to all consultants attending the general assembly of EPSA 2017 annual congress. Of 88 consultants, responses were received from 61. Palpable abdominal mass was indicated by 72.13% of respondents as the commonest presenting symptom. Concerning the imaging requested, computed tomography was reported by 80.33%. Approximately 62.30% of respondents perform 1 to 3 cases annually. Regarding timing of surgery, upfront resection was the most frequently reported by 62.30%. A total of 77.05% perform lymph node sampling during surgeries. Nephron-sparing surgery was adopted by only 26.23%, whereas none of the respondents reported the use of minimally invasive surgery for management. Overall, 93.44% of surgeons ask for a visit every 3 months in the first year postoperatively. Upfront nephrectomy is the commonest procedure for Wilms tumor in the current practice of EPSA consultants, whereas there is consensus against minimally invasive surgery. Surgical guidelines for nephron-sparing surgery are still incomplete and need to be tabulated. This study urges for a nationwide retrospective analysis to establish a uniform protocol with international reference to be adopted in Egypt.

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