Salvage Treatment of Mucormycosis Post-Liver Transplant With Posaconazole During Sirolimus Maintenance Immunosuppression

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We describe the first successful case of posaconazole salvage therapy for mucormycosis with concomitant sirolimus (SRL) maintenance immunosuppression following liver transplantation, despite black box drug interaction following intolerance to first-line tacrolimus and amphotericin due to nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity. This case describes a 55-year-old female who developed rhinocerebral mucormycosis 108 days after liver transplantation. After 3 months of posaconazole therapy, the patient remains free of disease at 3 years posttransplant. This case report illustrates successful resolution of mucormycosis without SRL toxicity to resolve nephrotoxicity of long-term amphotericin on top of already nephrotoxic immunosuppression. With higher bioavailability of recently FDA-approved posaconazole delayed release tablets, this azole may be a therapeutic option for transplant patients who need to remain on CYP3A4-metabolized immunosuppressive agents.

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