Enhanced Understanding of the Levels of Palliative Care in Pharmacy Students Through Participating in Clinical Training in Hospitals

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Objective:A palliative care knowledge survey was conducted involving pharmacy students to examine their perceived usefulness and the educational effect of clinical training in hospitals.Methods:A questionnaire sheet was distributed to fifth-year pharmacy students before and after clinical training. The questionnaire consisted of questions to clarify the details of palliative care-related training in hospitals and students’ knowledge of such care. The respondents were divided into 2 groups: those who participated in palliative care team (PCT) rounds (group A: 57) and those who did not (group B: 57).Results:The mean total correct answer rate markedly increased after training in group A, from 37.9 to 47.1% (P < .01). Such an increase was also observed in the domains of philosophy and pain in this group (P < .01). In contrast, group B did not show differences in the mean correct answer rate between before and after training; there was no significant increase in the rate in any domain.Conclusion:Pharmacy students’ knowledge was enhanced by participating in the PCT, confirming the usefulness of such participation during training as part of palliative care education.

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