A Program to Increase Research Productivity Among Hospital Pharmacists

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Objective:To describe the development, implementation, and outcomes of a structured research training program that aimed to increase the research productivity among hospital pharmacists.Methods:The program was conducted in a step-wise approach and started with educational sessions on evidence-based medicine and research methods. After about a year, pharmacists were trained and mentored on how to conduct and publish a research project. We evaluated the number of research projects and publications for the pharmacy department before and after the implementation of the program.Results:In the 5 years prior to implementing the program, there were a total of 4 institutional review board (IRB) proposals, 4 abstracts, and 2 manuscripts, which had pharmacists as primary investigators. After 5 years of running the program, there were 24 pharmacist-initiated research proposals submitted to the IRB, 29 abstracts, and 11 published manuscripts. The major challenges were the lack of sufficient time and the extensive training and mentorship required.Conclusion:Implementing a structured pharmacy research program at a hospital setting was feasible and was associated with an increase in the pharmacist-led research and publications. The success of such a program requires training and mentorship, strong commitment, and administrative support.

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