Evaluation of a Hybrid Training Module for Community Pharmacy Staff Providing Hypertension Medication Therapy Management

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Purpose:The purpose of this research study was to evaluate the impact of web-based training on the knowledge and perceived practice of community pharmacy staff engaged in a hypertension medication therapy management program. Following the recommendations from adult learning end experiential learning theoretical frameworks, the proposed training engaged learners in a series of short online educational videos with preknowledge and postknowledge assessment and patient interactions in a clinical setting to reenforce newly learned skills.Methods:The participants in this study were from Community pharmacies who actively participate in medication therapy management and disease management services in the 2 largest towns in North Dakota. The preknowledge and postknowledge tests indicated a statistically significant improvement in hypertension management knowledge for the participating pharmacy staff. The qualitative input from the participants fully complemented these findings by showing a strong positive perception on the implemented instructional process.Results:Training proved to be both effective and essential for pharmacy staff when initiating clinical services to ensure they have the necessary skills to be able to do their job well, and online training is an easy and efficient way to provide this training.

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