Patient Satisfaction With a Comprehensive Medication Review Provided by a Community Pharmacist

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Background: The comprehensive medication review (CMR) is one of the most commonly delivered medication therapy management services, and it is a required service to be provided to Medicare Part D beneficiaries. Despite the large body of evidence available on medication therapy management benefits, and the growing value placed on it by payers, there has been little research assessing patient satisfaction with these services. Objectives: The primary objective of this study was to determine patient satisfaction with a face-to-face or telephonic CMR provided by a chain community pharmacist. The study secondarily assessed patients’ perceived value of the service while also collecting demographic information. Methods: A Likert-type satisfaction survey was distributed to patients on completion of a face-to-face or telephonic CMR in either Outcomes or Mirixa by members of a clinical team (7 clinical pharmacists and 4 residents) within a chain community pharmacy. Participants were asked to return the survey in a self-addressed stamped envelope within 1 week of the CMR. Results: The response rate for the survey was 33% (31 of 95 surveys returned). The study found that approximately 70% (21 of 31) strongly agreed with being overall satisfied with the CMR. Conclusion: This research study provided insight to patients’ perceptions of a CMR provided by a community pharmacist. Patient views of the CMR were positive, with patients finding CMR delivery in a community pharmacy valuable. Further investigation of specific interventions and approaches during a medication review could help identify ways to increase patient satisfaction.

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