Results of a Pharmacist Intervention on Weight Parameters and A1c Compared to Standard Patient Care

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Obesity is linked to many accompanying comorbidities and has a substantial effect on the cost of health care. Pharmacist are able to provide management and intervention for the treatment of these disease states. This study examined outcomes 12 months prior to pharmacist intervention and 6 months postintervention. The primary outcome was to determine if pharmacist service intervention resulted in improved markers of weight and diabetes. This study revealed significant improvement in the HgbA1c and body mass index (BMI) from baseline (A1c 7.9%, BMI 35.3 kg/m2) to postintervention (A1c 7%, BMI 34.1 kg/m2). These results were statistically significant (P < .001, Bonferroni correction applied for multiple comparisons), indicating the clinical importance of adding pharmacists to the health care team in obesity and diabetes management.

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