Aggressive Angiomyxoma: A Case of Multiple Recurrences and Review of the Literature

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This article cites a case of recurrent, aggressive angiomyxoma and provides a review of the literature with regard to diagnosis, pathology, and treatment options.


The MEDLINE search engine was used to perform a literature search from 1980 to 2005 on the subject of aggressive angiomyxoma.


Just over 100 cases of aggressive angiomyxoma have been reported in the world literature. The tumor is termed “aggressive” secondary to the high rate of recurrence even after adequate initial treatment. The treatment of choice is complete excision of the tumor with acquisition of free margins. Recurrences are frequent with an incidence of up to 47%.


This article documents a case of aggressive angiomyxoma with multiple recurrences. A thorough review of the literature is also reported with an emphasis on diagnosis, pathology, prognosis, possible alternative treatment options, and possible metastatic potential.

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