A thematic analysis of the experience of UK mental health nurses who have trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy

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What is known on the subject?

What does this paper add to existing knowledge?

What are the implications for practice?


SFBT is a psychotherapeutic model that aims to ‘build solutions’ rather than ‘solve problems’. It has evolved into a structured communication framework utilized across a range of disciplines, focusing on the future, as opposed to the past, and on participant's strengths and abilities, as opposed to their problems and deficits. There have been no studies exploring the experience of training in SFBT from the perspective of the nurses being trained.


This study sought to explore the experience of nurses who had completed a six-month training course in SFBT.


Using a qualitative methodology, 20 nurses who had undertaken SFBT training were interviewed at various locations across Scotland.


Five main themes emerged from analysis of the 20 interviews. Many of the participants reported increased trust in their clients and enhanced role satisfaction.

Implications for Practice:

Training in SFBT provides nurses with an alternative model of practice to the dominant ‘medical’ and ‘psychological’ models of contemporary practice. The experiences of the participants in this study suggest that SFBT can be a useful intervention in nursing practice and that nurses can easily incorporate SFBT into their practice.

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