The impact on relationships following disclosure of transgenderism: a wife's tale

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Accessible summary:What is known on the subject?The experiences of transgender people are becoming increasingly more visible in popular culture, biographical literature and the media.The topic has received little attention within the psychiatric and mental health nursing literature.There is a paucity of literature exploring the impact on relationships following a disclosure of transgenderism.What does this paper add to existing knowledge?A narrative account of the consequences for the wife of one transwoman and their relationships with friends and family following the disclosure of transgenderism.The article identifies a range of issues that require further attention in relation to healthcare provision. These include the mental health needs of partners and spouses; attitudes of healthcare professionals towards transgender issues; and the adequacy of the formal support offered to partners and spouses of transgender people.What are the implications for practice?There is a need for healthcare practitioners to explore their understanding of transgender issues and how these may impact on the mental health of partners and spouses.It is important that healthcare professionals provide a hopeful and supportive environment to enable couples to explore their relationships following disclosure of transgenderism.

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