Supramalleolar osteotomy for unilateral tibial torsion

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Surgical correction of unilateral torsional deformity of the tibia is indicated in fewer than 1% of cases. Treatment is limited to those who have a progressive deformity, who are symptomatic and on whom conservative treatment has failed. We present the results of an osteotomy performed at the supramalleolar level leaving the fibula intact and held with staples. In 7 years, 13 children with a mean age of 13.4 years (range 10–16 years) underwent osteotomy. Six osteotomies were performed for internal tibial torsion (mean 25°) and seven for external tibial torsion (mean 25°). Seven participants were female and six male and all cases were idiopathic. One participant required antibiotics for a wound infection and five had the staples removed. All deformities were well corrected and symptoms improved. Numerous methods have been described to correct this deformity but all have been associated with major complications. We describe a supramalleolar osteotomy, leaving the fibula intact, that achieves good correction with minimal complications.

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