The Ponseti technique and improved ankle dorsiflexion in children with relapsed clubfoot: a retrospective data analysis

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This study quantifies the change in passive ankle range of motion following modified Ponseti casting in children with relapsed idiopathic clubfoot. Fifty-three cases (feet) were retrospectively reviewed, with 6-month follow-up data available for 72% of participants. The median improvement in dorsiflexion was 15° (95% confidence interval: 12.5°–17.5°, P≤0.05), with 85% achieving dorsiflexion≥10°. At the 6-month follow-up, dorsiflexion remained significantly improved and 12 feet (32%) presented with subsequent relapse. Nine were referred for further casting and three were recommended for extra-articular surgery. Repeat modified Ponseti management clinically and statistically improves passive ankle dorsiflexion in relapsed idiopathic clubfoot.

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