Safety and efficacy of sublaminar bands and Ponte osteotomies in rigid deformity: preliminary results in a prospective series of 20 neuromuscular scoliosis patients

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This prospective cohort study investigated radiographic outcomes and complications over time in patients with rigid neuromuscular scoliosis treated with sublaminar bands and Ponte osteotomies. Twenty consecutive patients with neuromuscular scoliosis were treated with sublaminar bands in addition to Ponte osteotomies at and around the apex of the deformity and prospectively included. All curves were rigid, with less than 30% reduction on preoperative bending films. Cobb angle, pelvic obliquity, and shoulder obliquity were significantly corrected (P<0.01). Normal thoracic kyphosis was achieved for 85% of patients at the last follow-up. No intraoperative complications were observed. The association between Ponte osteotomies and sublaminar bands appears to be efficient for the management of rigid neuromuscular deformities in children and adolescents. No death and no permanent neurological impairment, as well as no sublaminar bands associated events were recorded.

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