The effect of plantar flexor lengthening on foot pressure in ambulatory children with cerebral palsy

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This study aimed to assess the effects of plantar flexor lengthening (PFL) on dynamic foot pressures of children with cerebral palsy using pedobarographs. Of 97 enrolled, 13 children with 18 legs had PFL. Age at surgery was 4.7 (2.8–8.8) years. A significant increase in ankle dorsiflexion and heel impulse was achieved postoperatively and was maintained at 5 years. The coronal plane pressure index increased postoperatively, but reverted to preoperative levels at the 5-year follow-up. Children tend to have more valgus after PFL. In young children, there caution should be exercised to avoid over treating varus at the time of equinus correction to avoid overcorrection.

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