Radial head resection and hemi-interposition arthroplasty in patients with multiple hereditary exostoses: description of a new surgical technique

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Multiple hereditary exostoses (MHE) are a rare disorder characterized by the growth of bony protrusions. Elbow involvement is found in a considerable number of patients and varies from the presence of a simple osteochondroma to severe forearm deformities and radial head dislocation. Patients encounter a variety of symptoms, for example, pain, functional impairment, and cosmetic concerns. Several types of surgical procedures, therefore, can be offered, ranging from excision of symptomatic osteochondromas to challenging reconstructions. In this paper, we will discuss the essential basics of visualizing, planning, and treatment options of forearm deformities in MHE. In more detail, we will describe our current surgical technique as a salvage procedure for Masada type II forearm deformities in patients with MHE.

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