Is an operation always needed for pediatric triplane fractures? Preliminary results

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We compared the outcomes of nonoperative and operative treatments of triplane fractures. Thirty-three patients with triplane fractures were treated conservatively (n=19) or surgically (n=14). Bone union and postoperative complications were radiographically examined. The mean American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society scores were 100 (nonoperative group) and 98.1 (operative group) (P=0.304). The modified Weber protocol scores were excellent in both groups. One patient in each group showed a leg-length discrepancy of more than 10 mm at the last follow-up. According to our preliminary data, it appears that nonoperative treatment of triplane fracture may have comparable clinical and radiographic results to operative treatment. However, further studies are needed to corroborate our findings.

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