Designing a Metasynthesis Study in Pediatric Oncology Nursing Research

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The synthesis of qualitative evidence is called metasynthesis. The term metasynthesis describes both a group of methods used to integrate the findings of individual qualitative research studies and the end product of a metasynthesis research project. In this article, pediatric oncology nurses are encouraged to use metasynthesis research to facilitate the integration of the existing body of qualitative pediatric oncology nursing research into practice. For pediatric oncology nurses to be successful in metasynthesis research, they require practical guidance in navigating the terminology and methodology of this evolving research design. Misconceptions about metasynthesis research, types of metasynthesis research designs, steps involved in developing a metasynthesis study, and the benefits and challenges of using metasynthesis in pediatric oncology research are presented. Examples of studies that have used 2 distinct metasynthesis techniques are provided.

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