Normal Values of Neonatal Lower Limbs: An Evaluation of 1,000 Neonates

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The purpose of this study was to establish normal values for neonatal hip range of motion, knee range of motion, tibial torsion, and foot alignment. Normal values for examination of the lower extremity in the neonate are not well-documented in the orthopaedic literature. One-thousand healthy neonates were examined by the orthopaedic residency under the supervision of an attending doctor. A total of 527 girls (53%) and 473 boys (47%) were examined. Results were compared and analyzed for mean, range, and standard deviations. There was a wide normal range for each category measured. For all categories, boys and girls had essentially the same values There were no differences between right and left values Normal values for these measurements have not previously been reported from such a large series.

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