Talectomy in Arthrogryposis: Analysis of Results

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Talectomy is recommended as a primary or salvage procedure for management of rigid or recurrent equinovarus deformity in arthrogryposis. Twenty-one feet (11 children) that had undergone talectomy were reviewed at a mean follow-up of 11.1 years (range, 2-24). Fourteen (73.7%) feet were satisfactory at final review, whereas five (26.3%) had an unsatisfactory result. Attention to technical details and accurate positioning of calcaneus in the ankle mortise are the two important prerequisites to guarantee a satisfactory long-term result. Fusion of the tibiocalcaneal articulation in optimal position, either spontaneous or induced, is a favorable sign, as it ensures lasting correction of the deformity. The role of a tight and fibrotic tibialis anterior in causing recurrence of severe forefoot adduction and supination is discussed.

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