Impact of Cycling on Hip Subluxation in Children With Spinal Cord Injury

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Hip subluxation is common in children with spinal cord injury, especially in those younger than 10 years. The effects of standing with functional electrical stimulation (FES) on hip subluxation have been studied in these children. However, FES cycling is now available to children with spinal cord injury, but the effect of this intervention on hip subluxation has not been studied.


Hip migration indices were measured before and after a 6-month program of FES cycling, passive cycling, or electrical stimulation exercise without cycling performed 3 times per week. During cycling, children were positioned to avoid hip adduction and internal rotation to decrease potential stress on the hip.


There were no changes in the hip migration indices for children in any group after participating in the study.


These findings suggest that the 3 interventions used in this study may be safe for the hip, provided that the hips are positioned to avoid adduction and internal rotation while cycling.

Level of Evidence:

Randomized controlled trial, level 2

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