Team Management of Hip Revision Patients Using A Post-Op Hip Orthosis

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Eighty patients who underwent cementless hip revision surgery were managed postoperatively with a prefabricated, adjustable range-of-motion hip-abduction orthosis. Four patients had both hips revised. The orthosis was incorporated into the patients' nursing and occupational and physical therapy during hospitalization. Patients continued to wear the orthosis whenever they were out of bed for an average of eight weeks after surgery

The hip orthosis was used to prevent postoperative dislocation, which some reports have indicated can occur on as many as 20 percent of all revisions. Seven of the 84 hips (8.3 percent) dislocated. The average length of hospitalization was 10 days

This article identifies patients most at risk of dislocation, discusses the orthotic management of anterior and posterior dislocation patients, and provides specific team protocol

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