A Preliminary Report on a New Design of a Spinal Orthosis for Spondylolytic Patients: Review of the Literature and Initiation for Future Study of A New Design

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Currently, there exist two accepted treatment protocols for spondylolytic patients— the Williams Flexion Orthosis and a polymer LSO, such as the Boston Overlap Orthosis. Literature ranging from the late fifties through the present are reviewed to determine the biomechanics and effectiveness of these protocols

A prototype was made that combined the two orthoses and radiographs were taken to determine its effectiveness. The anterior section was adapted from Williams and the posterior section, from the polymer, and it was molded to a positive cast of the patient. Radiographs were also taken showing the difference in the lumbar spine alignment between the two orthoses used on our patient.

This article explains the importance of maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt and emphasizes the importance of sagittal flexion through the use of a new design

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