Activities of Daily Living: Genium Bionic Prosthetic Knee Compared with C-Leg

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The Genium® Bionic Prosthetic Knee (Genium) offers the amputee features and modalities for ambulation that had not been available in prosthetic knee joints before. A biomechanical pilot study revealed that, compared with the C-Leg®, the Genium permits new activities such as climbing stairs and stepping over obstacles step over step. Further improvement in safety and close approximation of movements to those of nonamputated subjects were observed with the Genium Knee. Rehabilitation aims at the best possible restoration of independence and participation of the patient in family, business, and social life. Therefore, this study with 10 unilateral transfemoral amputees (Medicare Functional Classification level 3 and 4) investigated whether the Genium Knee is able to further improve the perceived safety and difficulty of 45 activities of daily living as compared with the C-Leg. Results show that after 3 months of Genium use, it could be shown that perceived safety improved in 27 activities (60%) and perceived difficulty improved in 24 activities (53%). Improvements were seen in the categories of Family and Social Life as well as Mobility and Transportation. These findings create the basis for further improvement of independence and participation of amputees in family, business, and social life by using the Genium Bionic Prosthetic Knee.

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