Impact of Emerging Technologies on Clinical Considerations: Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Surgeries, Pattern Recognition, Implanted Electrodes, Osseointegration, and Three-Dimensional Printed Solutions

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In the recent past, there have been several technological advancements and applications to the field of Upper Limb Prosthetics that warrant attention to clinicians and the healthcare community. Targeted Muscle Reinnervation is a surgical procedure used to enhance the functional capabilities of myoelectric prosthesis users. This procedure has been in practice since 2002 and is no longer considered experimental. The other surgical procedure on the horizon for individuals with upper limb amputations is Osseointegration. Although this procedure that has been around in various forms for decades, refinement of the surgical intervention and minimization of negative outcomes has enabled individuals to benefit from this technology. Two other technologies that have been around for decades are Pattern Recognition and 3-D Printing. However, the application of these two processes, to the field of Upper Limb Prosthetics, is new, exciting and challenging. Integration of these and other technologies can meet opposition at first; as any changes do. The prosthetists will need to educate themselves in these technologies in order to continue seeking ways to improve the lives of individuals with whom they work.

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