Design and Construction of a New Partial Foot Prosthesis Based on High-Pressure Points in a Patient with Diabetes with Transmetatarsal Amputation: A Technical Note

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INTRODUCTIONDiabetic foot ulcers are significant complications of diabetes that can lead to amputation. Partial foot prostheses can be used to redistribute the plantar pressure on the residual limb to alleviate local pressures. The aim of this study was to describe the fabrication of an original silicone foot prosthesis that provided an improved functional outcome for a patient with a transmetatarsal amputation due to diabetes.METHODSHigh-pressure areas on the foot were identified using Force-Sensing Resistor sensors. During prosthetic fabrication, silicone with low shore was injected in these areas. Different silicone stiffness was used to reduce pressure accordingly. The silicone injection was achieved in two stages, using cast formers and wax.DISCUSSIONThe bespoke method of fabrication used in this study and the use of various levels of silicone stiffness provided a highly cosmetic prosthesis that offered improved pressure distribution.

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