Treatment Outcome with Delayed Maxillary Obturator Prosthesis: Case Series of Four Patients

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A series of four patients is presented to indicate the possibility of success with delayed prosthodontic rehabilitation of acquired maxillary defects. Four patients with a history of hemi-maxillectomy in the past 3 to 5 years were rehabilitated with definitive obturator prostheses. All had partial maxillectomy on the right side. Because of delayed referral to the prosthodontic facility, immediate surgical and interim obturation was not planned. Definitive obturator prostheses were fabricated following the necessary steps and delivered to the patients. Prosthesis function was subsequently reassessed in these patients every fortnight for the first 3 months then once every quarter for the next 3 years, followed by once a year. Individual patient responses were evaluated at regular intervals. Components of prosthesis function assessed were esthetics, speech, mastication, and salivary control, all of which were restored to satisfactory levels by the definitive obturators. Thus, optimal restoration of esthetics and function is achievable despite a time lag in prosthodontic therapy after surgery.

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