Psychotherapy in Argentina: Theoretical Orientation and Clinical Practice

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This article focuses on the relationship between theoretical orientation and clinical practice in Argentina. Five hundred twenty-five psychotherapists were surveyed in the city of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, La Pampa, Neuquén, Chubut, and Rio Negro. Psychoanalysis was chosen by 53.1% of the psychotherapists as the main theory used in their clinical practice. Integrationists made up 39.8% of the sample and represented the 2nd most important group. Within the integrationist group, psychoanalysis was mentioned by 63.2% as the main or base theory, followed by 12.9% mentioning cognitive theory. A longitudinal analysis shows how the trend toward integration of the different theories has grown over the years. These results reveal the importance of psychoanalysis and the trend toward integration within clinical practice in Argentina.

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