Psychological Response to Sound Stimuli Evaluated by EEG: Joint Consideration of AAE Model and Comfort Vector Model

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Psychological responses to two kinds of sound stimuli (scary and soothing), as assessed by the Anterior Asymmetry and Emotion (AAE) and Comfort Vector (CV) models which are based on the prefrontal alpha wave, were investigated and the relation between their results is discussed. For the scary sound stimulus, subjects who showed greater withdrawal motivation (AAE) displayed a decreased pleasant state (CV), while subjects who showed higher approach motivation displayed opposite affective direction. There was a correlation between the AAE and CV models for the scary stimulus, but no correlation for the soothing stimulus. Both motivational and affective states could be evaluated by a combination of AAE and CV models. We suggest that joint consideration of these two models could lead to the multifaceted evaluation of a psychological state.

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