Development and validation of a multidimensional multivariate model for accounting for infractions in a correctional setting

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A Person by Situation by Response Mode by Reinforcer (sanction) model for accounting for infractions of rules by male inmates incarcerated in a federal correctional facility was developed and evaluated. In a series of 4 preliminary studies, a 720 (number of inmates) by 16 (number of institutional subsettings in which infractions occurred) by 63 (number of types of infractions defined by institutional authorities) by 30 (number of existing sanctions contingent on institutional infractions) model was empirically refined into a 3 by 2 by 4 by 2 model. The utility of the model was assessed using questionnaire and ex post facto methodology. Second- and 3rd-order interactions were inconsequential in accounting for behavioral variance. Findings that were replicated across studies (response mode main effect, Person by Sanction interaction) indicate that management policies should be designed such that incarceration in institutions is less conducive to verbal aggression and evasion and that institutional disciplinary procedures should be matched to inmate types. (55 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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