Relations Between Global and Specific Domains of Self: The Importance of Individual Importance, Certainty, and Ideals

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Two studies evaluated theoretical models of how global self-esteem is related to self-perceptions, importance, certainty, and actual–ideal discrepancies in specific domains. Study 1 supported differentially weighting specific domains; global school esteem was substantially more correlated with self-perceptions in core school subjects than in noncore subjects. Neither study, however, supported individually weighting specific domains according to importance, certainty, actual–ideal discrepancies, or profile similarity components for each individual. For example, whereas one specific domain may be more important than others across all individuals, its effect does not vary for individuals who judge the domain as more or less important. This distinction is clarified by an extension of H. W. Marsh's (1986) generalized multiple regression approach used to test theoretical predictions based on weighted average models.

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