Sociodemographic and smoking associated with obesity in adult women in Iran: results from the National Health Survey

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There is no study that had a sample size sufficient to study the association between sociodemographic and smoking with obesity in Iran. The goal was to investigate these associations in the Iranian women.


Multivariate statistical techniques included 14 176 women between 20 and 69 years of age. Height and weight were measured rather than self-reported.


In Iranian adult women, obesity ORS for the moderate and high education were 0.78 and 0.41, respectively, compared with basic level. Using low economy index as the reference, Obesity ORS for the urban women were 1.29, 1.25 and 1.28 for the lower-middle, upper-middle and high groups, respectively. Obesity ORS for the rural women were 1.71, 1.71 and 2.02 for the lower-middle, upper-middle and high groups, respectively. Obesity OR was 0.48 for active workforce compared with inactive group. Obesity OR was 0.70 for smokers women compared with nonsmokers. Using non-married as the reference group, Obesity ORS were 1.23 and 2.34 for married urban and rural women, respectively.


Our results on the associations between age, smoking, education level, workforce and obesity are consistent with most studies, but between economic level and obesity are consistent with some study in developing countries.

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