Cost Analysis of Prevention Research Centers: Instrument Development

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The 2014-2019 Prevention Research Centers (PRC) Program Funding Opportunity Announcement stated that “all applicants will be expected to collaborate with CDC to collect data to be able to perform cost analysis.” For the first time in the 30-year history of the PRC Program, a cost indicator was included in the PRC Program Evaluation and a cost analysis (CA) instrument developed. The PRC-CA instrument systematically collects data on the cost of the PRC core research project to eventually answer the CDC PRC Program Evaluation question: “To what extent do investments in PRCs support the scalability, sustainability, and effectiveness of the outcomes resulting from community-engaged efforts to improve public health?” The objective of this article is to briefly describe the development of the PRC-CA instrument. Data obtained from the PRC-CA instrument can be used to generate cost summaries to inform decision making within the PRC Program and each individual PRC.

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