Retreatment of Hyperopia After Primary Hyperopic LASIK

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To evaluate factors that influence retreatment results after primary hyperopic LASIK.


Restrospective study of 86 eyes of 61 patients that underwent LASIK to correct primary hyperopic spherical equivalent refraction and a second hyperopic retreatment due to undercorrection. All procedures were performed with the Technolas Keracor 217C excimer laser, lifting the preexisting flap for the retreatment. Preoperatively, under cycloplegia, mean spherical equivalent refraction of the series was +3.05±0.99 diopters (D).


At last follow-up, mean spherical equivalent refraction was −0.07±0.50 D. Efficacy of the retreatment procedure was better when the primary LASIK attempted spherical equivalent refraction correction was <3.00 D (P<.05). Safety of retreatment was lower when attempted spherical equivalent refraction correction was >1.00 D (P<.05) and when attempted spherical equivalent refraction correction of both procedures combined was >+4.00 D (P<.05).


Efficacy, safety, and predictability of retreatments secondary to undercorrection after primary hyperopic LASIK may be affected depending on the amount of diopters corrected in the primary procedure, in the retreatment procedure, and in both primary and retreatment procedures combined.

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