Comparability and Intra-/Interobserver Reliability of Anterior Chamber Depth Measurements With the Pentacam and IOLMaster

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To assess the comparability and intra-/interobsever reliability of central anterior chamber depth measurements obtained using the Pentacam and IOLMaster.


Anterior chamber depth was measured in 50 eyes (25 healthy volunteers)—three times on each eye by two independent observers with each method. A total of 12 measurements were performed on each eye. Analysis of variance was used to analyze the data. Mean values, standard deviations, and confidence limits (95% confidence interval) of the two modalities, two observers, and every observer/modality interaction were calculated.


The mean anterior chamber depth values were 3.23±0.031 mm for the IOLMaster and 3.21±0.033 mm for the Pentacam. No statistically significant difference was noted in measurements between the two modalities (P=.291) or between the two observers (P=.903). Observer/modality interaction was not significant (P=.643). The confidence limits for observer 1 were 3.223±0.03 mm and 3.226±0.03 mm for observer 2. The confidence limits were: observer 1/IOLMaster, 3.23±0.04 mm; observer 2/IOLMaster, 3.24±0.04 mm; observer 1/Pentacam, 3.21±0.04 mm; and observer 2/Pentacam, 3.20±0.04 mm. The differences in measurements ranged from −0.14 to +0.10 mm for the IOLMaster and from −0.08 to +0.12 mm for the Pentacam. The worst deviation from the average eye reading of 3.23 mm was only 0.14 (4.3%).


Good agreement exists between anterior chamber depth measurements by the IOLMaster and Pentacam in the assessment of normal eyes, and they offer observer-independent results. Therefore, the modalities are interchangeable.

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