A new system for nursing specialisation: the thoughts and opinions of nurses

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Nurses have experienced various difficulties due to the lack of nursing specialisation. This study was conducted in order to determine opinions and suggestions of nurses on nursing specialisation. The population of this research consists of all nurses working at public hospitals and the sample includes 458 nurses. Data were collected by a questionnaire and analysed using percentages, frequencies, the chi-square test and logistic regression. In terms of the ways to achieve specialisation, more than half of the nurses suggested a speciality examination of nursing after graduation (51.7%). According to the logistic regression analysis result, nurses with less length of service, in other words those who had more recently begun working (1–5 years), considered limited authority and responsibilities and non-participation of academics in clinical practice as problems in the context of specialisation (p < 0.05). In order to provide adequate and qualified nursing services, nurses should be allowed the option to specialise after graduation and should be employed in their fields of expertise.

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