Trace element quality control analysis of environmental samples at the Neutron Activation Analysis Laboratory, IPEN, São Paulo, Brazil

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As part of its Quality Assurance Program, the Neutron Activation Analysis Laboratory (LAN-IPEN) has participated of several interlaboratory comparisons, analyzing the following environmental samples: Fish Tissue (IAEA-407), Seafood Material (Elementos en Almeja, MR-CCHEN-02), Tea Leaves (INCT-TL-1), Mixed Polish Herbs (INCT-MPH-2) and Marine Sediment Sample (IAEA-433). Up to thirty elements were determined in the candidate reference materials by instrumental neutron activation analysis. The performance of the laboratory has been statistically evaluated (Z-score) in relation to assigned values calculated from all data provided by the participant laboratories. The results obtained showed, as a general trend, Z-score values (|Z|<2) for most elements showing the good quality of the analytical data for these matrices analyzed by using a nuclear analytical technique.

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