Catalyst concentration distribution in fluidized bed by gamma-ray absorption

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The axial and radial distribution of the catalyst concentration, in the riser of an EMC - experimental cold model of a fluid catalytic cracking type unit, was measured by gamma-absorption. The solid concentration in the circulating fluidized bed was determined by measurements with a 241Am gamma-source and a NaI(Tl) detector. The operation, instrumental measurements and data acquisition system of the cold unit were automated. The catalyst concentration measurements were carried out in static experiments and in the circulating fluidized bed. A calibration of the distribution concentration was made with experimental data from gas velocity and pressure drop along the riser that gave the best multi-regression model. A spatial resolution of 5.0· 10−3 m by scanning the riser and a catalyst density resolution of 5.0±0.8 kg/m3 were obtained. The axial catalyst concentration distribution, in the 5-13 kg/m3 interval, showed a predicted pattern according to the literature. The radial distribution was in an annular configuration for this diluted catalyst concentration.

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