New gamma-ray intensities for the 14N(n,γ)15N high energy standard and its influence on PGAA and on nuclear quantities

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The 14N(n,γ)15N reaction is a primary γ-ray source for high energy calibration of detectors. The relative γ-ray-intensities of 15N and the relative γ-ray detection efficiency function have been simultaneously determined up to 10 MeV from γ-peak areas alone. Absolute γ-ray-intensities were obtained with proper renormalization to known absolute intensity. The influence of these new intensity values are assessed for use in PGAA. Any consistently used set of calibration intensities applied in the creation of library values and for analysis do not influence the concentrations. Contrary to this, quantities based on sums of γ-ray cross sections may provide different answers with the new 15N intensities and they give means to validate them.

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