A new PGAI-NT setup at the NIPS facility of the Budapest Research Reactor

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Prompt gamma activation analysis (PGAA) is a well known tool for non-destructive bulk elemental analysis of objects. The measured concentrations are only representative of the whole sample if it is homogenous; otherwise it provides only a sort of average composition of the irradiated part. In this latter case one has to scan the sample to obtain the spatial distribution of the elements. To test this idea we have constructed a prompt gamma activation imaging — neutron tomograph (PGAI-NT) setup at the NIPS station of the Budapest Research Reactor, consisting of a high-resolution neutron tomograph and a germanium gamma-spectrometer. The samples are positioned relative to the intersection of the collimated neutron beam and the projection of the gamma-collimator (isocenter) by using an xyzω-moving table.

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